Texas Dams Are at Risk

 Decades after widespread shortcomings in dam safety came to light, Texas has made some progress, but not nearly enough, in addressing photo

A question of standards.

Dam safety specialists are troubled by the Legislature’s exemption of what are now 3,232 dams, or 45 percent, from safety requirements, as well as the environmental commission’s weaker standards for dams with a lower potential death toll.

“Texas’ current dam policies, including the exemptions of dams, place priority on lessening the burden of dam owners rather than on the safety of the public living downstream of a dam,” said Travis Attanasio, former vice president for professional affairs for the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Texas Section. He was chairman of that organization’s 2017 dam safety report card for Texas, which gave the state a grade of “D,” indicating the dam infrastructure is “poor and at-risk,” he said.

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Austin American Statesman
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November 12, 2017

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