Effect on Ground Water

The Leona Aquifer

Shallow alluvial aquifers are an important but very fragile source of groundwater.  The Leona Aquifer in Central Texas is a good example of an important shallow alluvial aquifer.

The only major city located on this formation is the City of Lockhart, Texas. The Leona stretches from IH35, near Kyle, Texas to the southeast of Lockhart. This is about 23 miles.

The Leona formation consists of stratified gravels, sands, and clays. These are Quaternary sediments eroded from the Edwards Plateau. (Follett, 1966) Underlying the Leona Formation is the Pecan Gap Chalk, Navarro and Marlbrook Marl Group, Midway Group, and the Wilcox Group (alluvial soil deposited by flowing water).

Source:  The University of Texas at Austin Groundwater resources of the Leona Aquifer term project fall 2002.

The Leona formation also feeds numerous springs and seeps along Clear Fork Plum Creek and smaller tributaries to Plum Creek.  All of the water from seeps and springs in Lockhart State Park originates in the Leona Formation.

Source:  Glenrose Engineering , Inc.
Subject:  Caldwell County Hydrogeologic Setting


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