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Please sign our online petition to stop the permit and construction of 130 Environmental Park by Green Group Holdings, LLC.

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  1. Dr. Barbara Sanchez says:

    Whatever incentives proposed, the potential for harm to our environment is far greater. The people near this proposed site and our community do not need the possible negative effects to their property, our environment, the roads and the potential for noise and traffic. There are no guarantees regardless of what this company puts in writing. Forces of nature happen that people can’t prevent. Look at what happened in Bastrop with the destructive fire that occurred.

  2. Reilly Maginn says:

    Do Not under any circumatances build/deploy the dump project in Caldwell county. I live very close to the proposed location, and I will sue, block, injunction, any action necessary to stop this effort, as it will affect the water table and local wild life, as well as depreciate my property value.

  3. Viridiana Suarez says:

    The peaceful, fresh air, the beautiful scenery is what drew me and my family to move out to Lockhart. We purchased a home just in April 2016. Coming to find out now that there is a proposed landfill to be made just down the road from our new home is ubsord. We moved out from Austin/Del Valle city and into this beautiful Caldwell county to enjoy and take a step back from the growing traffic and polluted air. My family and I are not looking forward to this.

    Keep Caldwell county clean. I drive down creadmoor and past the landfill as an alternative commute route to school and work, honestly I don’t want to be seeing that nor smelling that on a regular basis.

    Thank you.

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