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Environmental Protection in the Interest of Caldwell County (“EPICC”) is a grassroots movement of local residents who joined together in October 2013 to take action against the proposed landfill (aka SH130 Environmental Park) to be located at Hwy. 183 and FM1185 just north of Lockhart, Texas.

Our primary goal is to uncover the facts about this landfill… facts Green Group Holdings, LLC (“GGH”) will not be forthcoming with.  We then get that information out to the community however possible because we are confident that when Caldwell County residents have all the facts about how this landfill will devastate our community, they will join us in our effort to put a stop to it.

Perhaps GGH thought we were just simple folk who would believe their rhetoric about how much better our lives would be because of the 130 Environmental Park.  Well, we may be simple folks, but we sure as heck know “dump” is not spelled “p-a-r-k!”

Consider your family’s health, your property values, and the costly and dangerous results of having large garbage trucks driving on our roads bringing in waste from outside our county… and then join us.

This landfill is NOT a done deal! Contrary to what GGH would like us to believe, this landfill can be defeated, but it will take time, money and people who are willing to help!

We hope you’ll join us!

“Welcome to Uniontown – Old King Coal Living Amid Industrial Slop” by Tom Zeller

Please read what a Uniontown, Alabama resident had to say about how devastated her life became when Arrowhead Landfill came under the management of Green Group Holdings, LLC  in her community.  Arrowhead Landfill is the only landfill that is both owned and operated by Green Group Holdings, LLC.

This is what Caldwell County residents can expect if 130 Environmental Park is approved —

“First we were told it was just going to be a solid waste landfill just for household garbage. It grew from that into a landfill that would take in demolition waste and structure waste – it just went to a full-blown municipal solid waste landfill. We started out with just a few cities, just a few states that were supposed to come here… now I think we have over 30.

We’ve had very serious problems with this landfill. Let me tell you about the roads. I live on a county road, County Road 1. The road was in very bad condition. So with the 5 cents the county decided they were going to pay for the road. We were happy. But guess what? The large trucks that came in? They tore that road up within nine months!

You’re going to have problems with your infrastructure, meaning your roads.  You’re going to have trash and debris flying everywhere.

This summer we had a terrible problem with vultures, ….. we’re talking hundreds of vultures just perching on this mountain.

Hopefully your commissioners will listen to you. Our commissioners did not listen to us and now we have a city that cannot draw industry. Draw your own conclusions and do the right thing.”

~ Cynthia Maddox of Uniontown, Alabama, where residents lost a legal battle to block construction of a 1,000 acre municipal landfill. Local politicians welcomed the business and negotiated a $1.05 per ton fee on the waste – which included coal ash – all 4 million tons of it.

4 thoughts on “WHAT IS EPICC”

  1. Ok folks, here is the bottom line, recently in my visit to the GGH office here in Lockhart, I had an “exciting” conversation with the manger of this organization who mind you, had no experience in wastewater management or even familiar with EPA regulations other than a biased view of what he has learned in the past months he has learned from GGH. In our conversation he mentioned to me that he found this company a great opportunity for him and was excited about this landfill. When I asked him about the serious health hazards this landfill has caused children in another landfill owned by GGH, he was not able to offer an explanation. First of all, the PIA-Publi Information Act provides anyone with the opportunity to view documents and general information regarding health conditions of any community. I am asking that everyone please to request this information which will surprise everyone. Better yet, ask the manager to provide that for you. I asked for that and have yet to hear from them. Please note that this organization has extensive experience in manipulation and misleading tactics that have been successful in other communities with similar demographics, tax base, income levels, and of extreme importance, the povertylevel. Unfortunately, the process of manipulation has begun by sponsoring local events, supporting our schools, and a sense of belonging to the community. The ironic part to this is that many children will become sick, the plumes will blow in our direction, and GGG shareholders will go to sleep in their luxury homes while our children develop serious health conditions and as they grow into adults and become gravely ill, they will wonder who and why the decision to follow through on this deadly landfill was decided. By then GGH will be gone and no one will be here to monitor their toxic wasteland. Yes, although this may be exciting to the manager at GGH, the long term effects will definitely be exciting to the many parents of children who will suffer from serious lingering effects.

  2. This is the letter I sent to the CEO:, my name is Dr. Oscar Garcia and I am concerned about the health risks associated with this landfill.

    First and foremost any landfill constitutes a dangerous waste, and for some in this community who have no knowledge about the health risks associated with leachate there are four main health hazards associated with wastes typical of newly developed landfills:


    1) Human faecal matter: mainly attributable to common waste discharge, but also to the 

    widespread practice of discharging untreated household septage to landfill; 

    2) Industrial waste: poor control at the waste reception area, lack of knowledge of what 

    a lack of understanding of the environmental impact of 

    the disposal of such wastes means that hazardous wastes frequently enter sites; 

    3) Decomposition products from the waste: susceptible to dissolution by infiltrating water 

    percolating through the waste, giving rise to leachate which can contaminate 

    groundwater. In many articles, and research and chemistry journals,  they have identified the following principal groups that are dangerous and are attributable to health issues 

    contained in leachate: 

    • inorganic macro components: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, ammonium, 

    iron, manganese, chloride, sulphate and bicarbonate. 

    • heavy metals: cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc in trace amounts. 

    • dissolved organic matter expressed as chemical oxygen demand or total organic 

    carbon and including methane and volatile fatty acids. 

    • anthropogenic organic compounds derived from household and industrial wastes, 

    including aromatic hydrocarbons and phthalate esters


    This is why I am deeply concerned about the impact of the landfill and it’s potential hazards to the community and the surrounding impoact on our environment since Lockahart is in close proximity to the landfill.

    I would enjoy visiting the Georgia plant and communicating with the community to determine the impact on businesses and community members.

    At this point, due to the insignificant data that can be retrieved from community clinics, elderly  and children that are highly impacted by this landfill are yet attainable.

    Please contact me to discuss these significant concerns that need to be addressed.

    Dr. Oscar Garcia

  3. Here is what we sent:
    We are opposed to locating a landfill in Caldwell County. Because an application has been filed by Green Energy, there must be demand from some of their customer base that is generating this garbage. A more practical solution would be for the landfill to be located where the garbage is produced. That would reduce traffic congestion, wear and tear on roads and air pollution caused by taking garbage to a more distant location. We realize that a landfill is necessary, but a more green and environmental solution is to locate the landfill close to the point of garbage generation, not in Caldwell County.
    Another possible solution would be to expand the existing CDS landfill in Creedmoor, Texas.

  4. My name is Mary Schaeffer and I live in Uniontown in the southern part of Perry County, AL, which is the host county for Arrowhead Landfill, now owned by Green Group Holdings. Almost ALL residents of Perry County opposed, protested against, and beseeched the five County Commissioners not to allow this 1,100+ acre landfill to be built in our community, but they ignored our wishes. Their plans expanded with their greed: from 1,500 to 7,500 to 15,000 tons per day; from service area of AL, FL, and MS, to 16 eastern states, and now to 33 states (2/3 of US!); from household garbage only, to construction and demolition and industrial wastes, to special wastes; and now “special wastes” (which were never intended to include hazardous wastes) include 3.9 million tons of toxic coal ash dredged up from the Kingston TN spill and transported by railcar to Arrowhead. Arrowhead did not institute a single new measure for protection of our people or our environment, and in fact did nothing to protect the health of their on-site workers actually handling the coal ash daily.
    Don’t be deceived by sweet talk, assurances, and promises of Green Group Holdings. They are in this business for PROFIT ONLY! They are not interested in the welfare of the residents or in the protection of your environment. What they say now and what they will do if they get a permit will be totally different, and you will have no voice and no control once they have the permit.
    Arrowhead’s permit was renewed and modified so they could accept the coal ash, but local residents were not only NOT consulted, advised or included in those decisions, but actually all negotiations about the coal ash were done secretly, because our elected officials knew we would protest mightily against this additional risky health burden and environmental injustice.
    Here are some of the signs we have prepared to tell our story:
    Broken Promises: Lies, LIES, LIES!!
    Arsenic Now Found
    in Ditches and Creeks…
    Groundwater and Wells Next!
    Ignored Haz-Mat Guidelines For Workers
    Causes Cancers, Headaches, Watering Eyes, Bleeding
    Noses, Coughing, Asthma, Sinus/Respiratory Infections
    Besieged by Buzzards, Flies, and Packs of Wild Dogs
    Bulldozed our Ancestors’ Graves
    Trespassing on New Hope Church Property (with their
    roads, monitoring wells, bulldozers, piled up trees)
    We Want Environmental Justice NOW!
    What Nasty Surprise Will YOUR Community Get?…
    We Got Kingston’s COAL ASH!
    Our Home Gardens Now Have Deformed Produce

    I can assure all in Caldwell County, TX, that allowing Green Group Holdings into your area will prove to be a disastrous decision for you and future generations.

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