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  1. Frank Keller says:

    Dear Caldwell County,
    Having lived here in Meriwether County Georgia— where ‘Turkey Run Regional Landfill’, a Greenbow LLC / Green Holdings LLC project is now the home for much of south Atlanta’s garbage—All of my 66 years. And having served on the Meriwether County Industrial Development Authority ’04 through ’07, and the Meriwether Board of Commissioners ’07 through ’10–And about five of those years being the permitting process period for ‘Turkey Run Landfill———- I KNOW HOW TO FEEL FOR YOU! —
    I am not familiar with the landfill permitting process in Texas. —-But,
    First-Know this is not your adversaries “First Rodeo”. (Adversaries is absolutely plural)
    Second–Unless 750 of the 800 signs are in the yards of Texas Rangers you should not expect to whip this fight.
    Third–When a ‘Host Agreement’ is adopted by your Board of Commissioners the effect will be that your elected BOC then belongs to the landfill owners and the major land owners in the vicinity of the landfill venture. (Consider the African people were not brought here as slaves just for the purpose of growing cotton)
    Good Luck & God Bless You
    Frank Keller

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