The Letter to the Editor That You Will Not Read in the Lockhart Post Register

Due in part to a LPR publishing policy requiring the purchase of paid advertising when responding to other paid advertising [huh?? per Kathi Bliss, LPR Editor], following is a Letter to the Editor that you will hence NOT read in the Lockhart Post Register.


Letter to:
Kathi Bliss, Editor
Lockhart Post Register

Dear Ms. Bliss,

I ask that you please publish the following letter in the “Letters to the Editor” section of this week’s (10/29/2015) edition of the Lockhart Post Register.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding my letter.

Please respond to let me know that you have received this emailed copy of my letter.

Thank you,
Ann Collier



Noticing the full page ads in the Post Register concerning the landfill, I find it amusing an international corporation would stoop to schoolyard bullying to rhetorically explain its Host Agreement by posting pictures of Pinocchio, demeaning name-calling and declaring sour grapes from the beginning by a “few” objectors.   A “few” is what finally revealed their presence in our county in early Fall 2013.

My husband, a veteran, and I were happily settling into our recently purchased country retirement home which was undergoing some handicap accessible remodeling when a knock on the door brought astounding news. “Hello, I’m Thad Owings, Senior Project Manager with Green Group Holdings (GGH). We’re going to be your new neighbor”, he said, motioning to the ranch across the road. “We’re going to build a landfill. We’re coming and there’s NOTHING your county commissioners can do about it.” Like a slap in the face, we gasped at the startling news that was delivered in a rude, intimidating, mean-spirited manner. Bullying doesn’t win favor and support.

It’s true those who live within a several mile radius of the proposed site are very concerned about their property values because homes in the area used to fly off the market before a sign went in the yard. Since word of a landfill spread, homes languish on the market or sell for a fraction of their worth.

Residents who had been strangers, banded together to organize resistance which snowballed into, collectively, thousands of hours of research, connecting with key people by phone and meetings, meeting with experts and elected officials and forming great friendships. The “few” don’t all live near the proposed site, but also in Lockhart proper, as well as the rest of the county.   The “few” are actually many intelligent, well-informed, talented individuals, many of whom may never see the full-blown glory of a landfill, yet their concern lies with preserving the county’s clean water and air for future generations.

Thus, it’s truly ironic that a company who was recently informed by the TCEQ that it could pick up its application file for its proposed landfill in Waller County due to numerous inaccuracies on the application, would call several hundred of your neighbors a “few disgruntled liars”. The opposition in Waller County just north of Houston defied accusations and proved their claims accurate when their experts were permitted to check the site.

The full page GGH ads with lengthy, somewhat confusing, explanations are actually quite complimentary to those in opposition. A corporation with integrity and confident of a “done deal” would not care what a “few” in opposition were saying. The only fairy tale here is the one yet to be told if, heaven forbid, it turns into an American horror story. “Once upon a time there was this pristine county in Central Texas just south of Austin with gently rolling, tree-covered hills, clean water and air…”

We have only to look to Uniontown, Perry County, Alabama where, to the dismay of area residents, Phillips and Jordan dumped tons of coal ash into the Arrowhead Landfill. GGH is their subsidiary and owns it now. Unfortunately, the Perry County Commissioners signed a Host Agreement and now area residents continue to endure horrid living conditions and illnesses.

Decide for yourself from the facts who the liar is.

Ann Collier

by Bliss Drive Review