A Doctor’s Professional Opinion on the Landfill

Ok folks, here is the bottom line, recently in my visit to the GGH office here in Lockhart, I had an “exciting” conversation with the manager of this organization who mind you, had no experience in wastewater management or even familiar with EPA regulations other than a biased view of what he has learned in the past months he has learned from GGH.

In our conversation he mentioned to me that he found this company a great opportunity for him and was excited about this landfill. When I asked him about the serious health hazards this landfill has caused children in another landfill owned by GGH, he was not able to offer an explanation.

First of all, the PIA-Public Information Act provides anyone with the opportunity to view documents and general information regarding health conditions of any community. I am asking that everyone please to request this information which will surprise everyone. Better yet, ask the manager to provide that for you. I asked for that and have yet to hear from them.

Please note that this organization has extensive experience in manipulation and misleading tactics that have been successful in other communities with similar demographics, tax base, income levels, and of extreme importance, the poverty level.

Unfortunately, the process of manipulation has begun by sponsoring local events, supporting our schools, and a sense of belonging to the community. The ironic part to this is that many children will become sick, the plumes will blow in our direction, and GGH shareholders will go to sleep in their luxury homes while our children develop serious health conditions and as they grow into adults and become gravely ill, they will wonder who and why the decision to follow through on this deadly landfill was decided. By then GGH will be gone and no one will be here to monitor their toxic wasteland.

Yes, although this may be exciting to the manager at GGH, the long term effects will definitely be exciting to the many parents of children who will suffer from serious lingering effects.

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