Question:  The trash has got to go somewhere, right?
Answer:  Wrong!  Central Texas has more than enough landfill space for several decades in Travis and Williamson Counties alone!

Question:  We should take care of our own trash, right?
Answer:  Wrong!  The garbage that this landfill would take in will NOT be from Caldwell County residents, but from all over Texas, the United States and even garbage from outside the United States!  Texas is becoming an international dumping ground!

Question:  This landfill will be good for the county as it will create jobs, right?
Answer: Wrong! When you consider the few jobs this landfill will generate compared with the number of jobs that the county will lose out on because business owners will not want to locate in the vicinity of a dump… it’s a bad deal for everyone.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Well, all we can tell you is that it isn’t a done deal as Green Group would like everyone to think. It’s going to be a long process and may take years before a decision is reached. The TCEQ has approved the second phase of Green Group’s application – which really means little and is certainly no surprise to any of us. So all we can say is no one can say with any certainty how long this process will take or what the outcome will be. I apologize that this may not help you very much in making your decision on whether or not to purchase land in Caldwell County, but we’d like to thank you anyway for viewing our website and for leaving a comment. If you do move to our area, or even if you live in a neighboring county, please consider joining EPICC. Thank you!

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