A Deal Too Good to Be True?

At the June 17, 2014, board meeting of the Plum Creek Conservation District, both Green Group Holdings, LLC (GGH) and EPICC were invited to make presentations concerning the proposed 130 Environmental Park landfill.  William Hodges, Green Group’s lead engineer, presented on behalf of GGH.

Mr. Hodges approached the PCCD Board and stated that GGH was proposing to build bird and bat houses on the proposed landfill site as compensation for any and all displaced winged wildlife.  Mr. Hodges admitted he didn’t know what a bat house was or how to build it, but nonetheless, GGH would git ‘er done because they are so environmentally-friendly minded.

Okay… now let me get this straight:

In exchange for a 17-story high pile of garbage that would manufacture leachate from the liquids draining from the garbage waste – a fluid as toxic as radioactive waste – such fluid that would eventually wash down the Leona Aquifer and into the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer poisoning the water and thereby making it undrinkable by humans AND wildlife, and GGH is offering to build bird and bat houses as an expression of their concern for the wildlife on the property?

Truth is… the only birds that occupy landfills are large carrion birds attracted to the landfill stench.  Landfills in fact drive the smaller birds away.  So realistically, no bird in its right mind would dare set up housekeeping in this environment – poisoned water below and birds of prey above!

No… GGH could build bird and bat houses until the cows come home, but they would remain vacant.

Yes, the generosity of GGH far exceeds our expectations.  Bird and bat houses for all this dump has to offer?  Who could pass up a deal like this?  Caldwell County residents, we hope.

by Bliss Drive Review