Resident Applauds Landfill Choice!
by Alicia Thornton
Lockhart Post Register – Letters to the Editor
November 19, 2015


Resident Questions the County Prematurely Entering into the Green Group Host Agreement
by Wayne Lesser
Lockhart Post Register – Letters to the Editor
October 8, 2015


Reader Questions Landfill Actions, Negotiations
(Is Green Group’s refusal to play by the rules in Waller County,
a forewarning for Caldwell County?)
by Jessica Neyman, J.D.
September 17, 2015


Our County Resolved:  “No Landfill”
by James Abshier, President/EPICC
Lockhart Post-Register
March 5, 2015


Despite Strongarm Tactics, County Commissioners Stay the Course!
by Leslie Holder
March 5, 2015


Reader Applauds Roland’s Courage
by Lou MacNaughton
Lockhart Post-Register
September 5, 2014


A Deal Too Good to be True?
by Leslie Holder
June 19, 2014

A Deal Too Good to Be True?


A Doctor’s Professional Opinion on the Landfill
by Dr. Oscar Garcia
June 11, 2014

A Doctor’s Professional Opinion on the Landfill


by Bliss Drive Review