Certificate of Recognition Awarded to EPICC

On August 1, 2017, Alicia Thornton was awarded, on behalf of Environmental Protection in the Interest of Caldwell County (EPICC), a Certificate of Recognition for its support of the Keep Lockhart Beautiful program.

In conjunction with Keep Lockhart Beautiful, EPICC is giving the Lockhart Recycling Center a facelift!  From the lime green painted siding to dazzling wall art and painted tire planters, the once dreary building is coming to life!  And the work is still continuing as material and manpower allows.

Alicia is responsible for the design and coordination of the project with the help of members from both EPICC and Keep Lockhart Beautiful.

If you haven’t seen the improvements at the recycling center, we encourage you to stop by… and drop off your recycling products too!   The Lockhart Recycle Center is located at 110 Brazos Street, in Lockhart, Texas.

Presented to Alicia Thornton, EPICC Board Member

Certificate of Recognition awarded to EPICC for its participation in and support of Keep Lockhart Beautiful

by Bliss Drive Review