Arrowhead Landfill: A Preview of Things to Come?? (videos)

Why is Arrowhead Landfill in Uniontown, Alabama important for us to know about?  Because it is the only landfill that Green Group Holdings, LLC (“GGH”) both owns and operates.

Is it reasonable to assume that GGH would own and operate 130 Environmental Park landfill in the same manner?  We believe so.

Understand that GGH can say whatever they think we want to hear, but if the permit is granted, with the swipe of a pen GGH can request changes to the permit and suddenly all the parameters and rules governing this landfill could change.

This is what happened at Arrowhead Landfill and the nearby residents in Uniontown, Alabama were powerless to stop it.  Are we so naive to think this could not happen in Caldwell County?

To fully understand how the proposed 130 Environmental Park landfill could potentially grow from a solid waste facility into a facility that receives coal ash, waste from disaster sites, and even toxic waste, we must look at Arrowhead Landfill.

A moving, personal glimpse into how Arrowhead Landfill has devastated the lives of the poor community who live nearby:

Living in Coal Ash (Arrowhead Landfill)

Uniontown, Alabama residents who live in close proximity to the Arrowhead Landfill share their personal testimonies.  Please watch:

Coal Watch: This blog is created to track the coal and its waste in Alabama.

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