A Warning From New Mexico!

While Green Group Holdings’ intentions for the 130 Environmental Park may not be abundantly clear at this time, their intentions have become abundantly clear in New Mexico!  Read the post below.  This is what is likely in store for Caldwell County.  Please pay special attention to Ms. Martinez’ statement regarding Green Group Holdings’ attempt… “to bring dangerous waste from throughout the US by rail to our community…”

Sofia [Martinez] wrote: “This is the group (Green Group Holdings) that is now  managing the Northeastern New Mexico Regional Landfill (NENMRL). A private landfill that has tried for 14 years to get a Special Waste Permit to bring in dangerous waste from throughout the US by rail to our community in Wagon Mound.

The Concerned Citizens of Wagon Mound and Mora County (CCWMMC) have been successful the last 14 years in blocking the landfill from acquiring this Special Waste Permit. We have won 2 NM Court of Appeals cases and one decision from the New Mexico Environment Department. However, the landfill can just keep applying for this permit as they are making millions already and stand to make even more money on waste by making WM the dumping ground for what others do not want in their communities.

We say NO!”

The unanswered question by Green Group remains:  “Where will the trash be coming from for the 130 Environmental Park?  Not Caldwell County! The key word here is “RAIL.”  Herzog (one of Green Group Holding’s parent companies) owns a railway.

So there you have it!  The next Katrina, Kingston coal ash disaster, or BP oil spill and it’ll be on its way by rail to Caldwell County!  Don’t think it can happen?  Then read Ms. Martinez’ post again.  These stalwart citizens have been fighting Green Group off for 14 years!  Forget the “household trash” and “construction debris…” it’s no secret that disaster clean up is where the money is at!

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