EPICC* is a grassroots movement comprised of local citizens dedicated to protecting their community against the proposed 130 Environmental Park (Dump)

*Environmental Protection in the Interest of Caldwell County

Dolcefino Consulting Videos

Investigative reporting that brings to light our community’s struggles to oppose political indifference and bias at state and local levels.


What’s At Stake

The potential dangers to our environment, health, and way of life posed by this dump.

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In The News

Reporting by local news agencies about issues related to the proposed dump.



Articles; letters to the editor; personal firsthand commentaries by members of the community.


Our Story

This video exposes the threat from a mega landfill corporation trying to inflict a 175-high pile of trash on a small rural community regardless of the danger it would pose to the residents, the environment and a major Texas aquifer. This is also about the residents who are resisting it at all costs.


OPIC Recommendation

On March 13, 2017, the State of Texas Office of Public Interest Counsel recommended to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) that the Green Group Holdings LLC application for the 130 Environmental Park landfill be DENIED.

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Lockhart – Home of the Tallest Tower of Trash in Texas!?

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Green Group Holdings, LLC’s Track Record
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Green Group has promised that the benefits Caldwell County would receive from this landfill far outweigh any negative impact the landfill would impose upon its citizens and environment. But can we believe what they say is true? The only way to know for certain is to examine their track record and let that speak for itself.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” George Washington

Green Group Holdings, LLC
Canton, Georgia

Calling a dump an “environmental park” is deceptive.  Calling a company in the business of contamination “green”  is also deceptive.  Where does it end?

About Green Group

Pintail Landfill
Waller County, Texas

What transpired in Waller County, Texas between Green Group and Waller County officials was corrupt.  Is this how Green Group has been doing business in Caldwell County as well?

Pintail Landfill News

Arrowhead Landfill
Perry County, Alabama

How has this landfill negatively impacted the lives of the poor, mainly black community who live nearby? And are Caldwell County officials so naive as to think this would not happen in their county as well?

Arrowhead Landfill News

130 Environmental Park
Caldwell County, Texas

Caldwell County elected officials are actively seeking to do business with Green Group regardless of their less-than-transparent  business dealings and bullying tactics here and in other counties.  Why?

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